One small step for man.. a death defying jump for me.

This should technically be my first post, but a mix up with old and new blogs meant I had to recycle my old one, just to keep things simple, after the revamp- things are looking up, and I myself, am looking forward to sharing my work and obsessions with all of you-

This blog has been long long overdue in my eyes, and apparently, the eyes of my University, since we should have been documenting and selling our work to the world for quite some time, and evidently, it didn’t cross my mind. This is a first for me as a technophobe and a perfectionist, to make the perilous trek to the wild web and document the journey my work and interests take, the things i produce and/ or come up with, and where it all ensues.
It’s going to be quite exciting, so i hope you’ll all be on this journey with me.


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