I used to listen to this CD with my younger brother when we were both little- Keane, for him, was the band that took him straight into his insular house of obsession for music, and although he’s ”too cool” for them now, and has moved on to cram his ears with other noises, they still hold fond memories of music we both liked, and could finally agree on, after years of fighting over ‘Green Day’ and ‘Good Charlotte’, they made for peaceful afternoons.
This video was something i had already seen, but only recently looked at properly, and realised just how beautiful and rugged everything in it is, how underrated it was in my past-

bedshaped street

Beautiful rustic sets

bedshaped keane

The puppet looks so fragile despite the stony skin tone..

The set is unashamedly unrefined and coarse, to the point where in some areas you can make out measurement errors, gaps, or jumps in the animation, but despite any of this, the charm and heartfelt sorrow that make their pilgrimage to your mind and don’t leave, are wonderful! I felt genuine sorrow for the plight of the naked man!
The animation style is quite eccentric and jumpy, perhaps reflecting the character, and the unchanging expressions point to a clever use of replacement face (or in this case, head) animation, leaving the eyes to do the majority of the communicating- the skin tone and the colouring of everything so easily change the mood of the scene, mainly being kept to blue or yellow- i especially like the foreshortening on the cemetery at the very beginning of the video.
The eyes are made of simple pearls, yet so much emotion is captured in their use- and with no speech. The last scene, took me straight to the world of Dave Mckean, and Neil Gaiman, all crayola crayon and creepiness– all in all, something i should have loved much sooner, and studied closer for my own work! Thank you Keane, for giving to different needs, all through the years (even though, you’re not cool anymore..)!


The tarriance of Old Memories

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