The naive and devastating world of Mary and Max

Just a short Blog post this time! After it being recommended for quite some time, I finally got around to watching ‘Mary and Max’ yesterday.
Not only was it a deliciously depressing blend of colour and humour (all dark, of course!) It outlined the more beautiful aspects of the people we share the Earth with, reminding us that even those we deem unapproachable or strange, still have deep and complex feelings within that make them individual and lovable, that we can learn from our shared reality with them, and the world does not revolve around our own mere selves, as so many think.
It poignantly displays the way that care and friendship can pull us from the darkest of holes, even ones at the bottom of ourselves- I wished more than anything, that I had watched it sooner, but upon viewing it yesterday in a pit of my own, it pulled me from myself too, and I will be forever grateful to the makers, for that very beautiful and difficult thing!


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