The cat with (beautiful) hands

My first encounter with the endlessly wonderful Robert Morgan, ‘The Cat with Hands’ was probably the best introduction I could have had. A creepy cat person anyway, a Victorian and weird-thing enthusiast, this little animated (and live action) short had everything I could ever want- odd songs, a dark and misty forest, creepy tales, a quiet and pale little boy, in traditional dress of course, murder and the devouring of that pretty little character and last but certainly not least, a sinister cat with the most beautiful animated hands I’ve ever seen!

cat with hands

The shading, the nails, the movement and joints, oh! So beautiful! ❤

The fingernails, the colour, the movement.. everything was just PERFECT! As a self confessed obsessive detail and realism freak, I wanted to cry upon seeing the little plasticine (?) fingers twiddling about on the rim of that well.

I don’t know how big the puppets were made, to enable such exquisite detail, but Mr Morgan, I take my hat off, bow, and kiss your toes, (or even hands!) after those- as the focus for a stop motion short, they were just mind-blowingly gorgeous.
I have to admit that the admirer in me preferred the pilot version, where I could gawp at the full blown beauty of the cat puppet- not as honed or polished as in the final version, but lovely none-the-less.


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