The first, rather large step.

I have always been guilty of being a perfectionist, and the lengths I try to go to in stop motion far exceed my skill level so far. I think this is where, if anywhere, I might fall short or cut myself off.

my stop mo dolly

My little stop-motion puppet. -25 cm from head to toe and all of his little replacement heads for each scene!

My last stretch in University was ironically the first attempt I ever made at reaching into the word of stop motion, and after so long watching puppets invade the screen, I somehow expected mine to be as good, or at least be able to move as smoothly. Nope.
I don’t really know why I set myself a task that was quite so high, but I just longed for the perfection so many other talented artists have managed. I must have entirely forgotten that when I was practising my drawing and painting, it took many long years for me to get anywhere I was happy with! The world of Stop-motion has no reason to be any different, and I slowly and harshly had to realise that it was going to take a long time, and a lot of practice. It would NOT be fuelled by my absolute love and optimism, and would also not be perfect the first, or million times round.
With this revelation was a slow relinquishing of embarrassment about the imperfect videos and experiments I have already made, so I have decided to share them with everyone here!

So yes, i know they are awful, but they are also my very first attempts, so enjoy!


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