The Moody world of ‘Tom Moody’

”Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

After spending the last few weeks guiltily searching for jobs while my other half leaves for work every morning, this film was a relevant reminder of  the internal dialogue that goes on within us all, and it was quite a poignant one (or at least one that was fresh in my mind).
As someone who spends a long time trying to appease my inner child and apologise to my outer adult, this animation was absolutely perfect, not just in its themes. I love the unashamed ruggedness of the animation- it was so charming! The hair twitching about and the jumper blowing in non-existent wind, but It was the EYES that captured my heart and kept it hostage- they were just so expressive, even without much gusto in the voice that narrates throughout.
Since my own inner narratives often looks something like this short, I found it was like watching a small piece of myself.

What is perhaps most relateable was the idea that we all hold inside ourselves. That nobody wants to see what it is we have to offer- childhood anxieties and insecurities hold us back, and there are some memories that will never let us go…
My Blog life, although short has been full of inner doubt, hence the lack of examples of my own work. There is always the inner fear that nobody will want to see it, or value it in any way, as Tom himself says..

”I don’t want to sing, people will think we’re stupid and boring”

It is a beautiful comment on the doubt that all of us feel about ourselves, but that with a little confidence, we can overcome.
The full film can be seen below- Please do watch it! ❤


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