The reality of the working world.

Hello there everyone!
I seem to start this blog again and again, but it is something that I just don’t want to give up on- I don’t have the heart to let it die. I’ve done a lot of growing up these past few years, graduating, tumbling into the most dedicated relationship of my life, and making solid and serious life plans that will affect my entire future and the future of my little family.
To make all of these things happen, you need TIME. Lots and lots of time, and it’s something I’ve had precious little of. I just don’t know where it all goes, and it seems to slip away from me more than it does most people- it’ll be morning, and the next time I glance at the clock it’s three in the afternoon!
Working on the things I love takes a long time, especially my dear stop motion- I still make the puppets, but with other passions, hobbies, commissions and that old gem- work, I get no chance to animate, build sets or anything of the like.
Don’t get me wrong, I still worship the ground that stop-motion walks on, but having delved into needle felting, dress making, crochet, vinyl listening and collecting, Embroidery, cross stitch and still doing my drawings for the possible tattoo artist training I was lucky enough to be offered, my animation pursuits are on a back-burner and I’m trying to do a bit of everything. I’ve been wondering how to fit what I love into a blog for a long time and have had no idea how to do it

I had a conversation with my friend who is SO much more ‘compooper savvy’ than me- technology eats me alive and spits me out. She suggested that with a little research I could do a lifestyle Blog, involving everything I am, and all that I do, so I can share it with you all- and I think that’s a wonderful wonderful idea. She also suggested a youtube channel to go with it, but that is another story entirely, and I’ll cross the bridge of insecurities when I come to them!
These are all bits and pieces that I can post when I get around to finishing them, or take time with to fit around my working life in the mental asylum that is Starbucks.
For now, know that I’m back to shout into the void with little diary entries, openings, tutorials, fashion, crafts and more.
I hope to see you all soon!


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