My first Spooky Box review.

Hello there fellow Blog enthusiasts, I’m wading through the crowded room of the internet to tell you about a wonderful subscription box that I came across by accident a few months ago.
Spooky box Is a monthly subscription box sent worldwide, catered to subculture or those of a more Gothic persuasion!
I randomly came across Kaya on Youtube, she goes by the name of ‘toxic tears’, she’s just the sweetest, loveliest girl to ever make videos! She’s so positive and moral, and most importantly, genuinely a lovely person. If you haven’t seen her channel, do go to it! I will add a link below 🙂

I saw some of her videos on spooky box openings and reviews, which she has subscribed to from the very beginning- It looked amazing, so packed with love and thought! I was as delighted to see everything that emerged as Kaya was, and I wasn’t even opening the damn thing. Through the squeals of delight from both me and her, I was able to garner the fact that Spooky box also donate a percentage of money raised by their boxes to charity, something adding to the delight of opening one of them.
I tried to subscribe straight away but… couldn’t.
I messaged Spooky box personally and found that I had to wait for the first day of the next month, and I gladly did, getting up early to make sure that I had the chance to buy some of these beautiful boxes.
I subscribed and was told that I would have to wait for six weeks for the box to arrive, as their was always a delay for the first one before the boxes came in monthly stages.
I was happy to wait, having previously been a subscriber to ”Kawaii” box, a box of adorable goodies sent monthly from Japan and Korea, which I had also waited eagerly for!
Six weeks came…. and went.
I messaged Spooky box and asked whether my boxes had been missing in the post, worried that it would never make it to my house, but was assured that they were on their way, with a slight delay due to the Whitby goth festival-
Finally, over two months since I had subscribed, I received a message on my phone to say that my box would be delivered on the 13th of the month.
I was so excited- and luckily, I wasn’t working so sat up in the morning waiting.

spooky box box


I didn’t open it straight away when it was passed over the threshold of my door, but save id for when I had done all I needed to do that day, and sat down to spend time over it.
My box was number 15, ”The Ghost Box”.
On top of the lilac paper shreds that protect the contents of the box is a list of the things that they have included (Which I took care not to read!)
At the top of this piece of paper it said..

”You get home from a long day’s work and are ready for a relaxing night alone. You hear the sound of footsteps above. You creep up the stairs and see something dart into the darkness. Hello, is anybody there? The silence is unnerving, suddenly you hear someone laughing and spin around in terror. You are greeted by a mischievous spirit who drops a package at your feet and vanished into the night! Inspired by a love of ghost stories, the spirits in this box are the friendly kind so have no fear as you confront each and every one of them..”


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Oooh! I pulled the paper shreds away and dug in..

It was as though I had been given a gift made especially for me, and the time I had waited for the box vanished away entirely!

spooky box all contents

The Beautiful contents of my box- An adorable lunch bag, a coffin pin, a ghost charm, a haunted house lanyard, a paranormal investigator patch, two limited edition prints (soon to be framed), and a little ghost necklace!


spooky box ghost necklace

spooky box bonus bow

The little extra gift of a ghost bow! ❤

The little ghost necklace stole my heart away! I put it on immediately and have not removed it since! My other half tried to steal the coffin pin as soon as I took it out of the box- The lanyard is now on our mantle piece along with the beautiful prints, and I am looking for a jacket to sew my lovely patch onto.. (But what sort of jacket..??)
I have taken my bag to work every day, and packed it full of my beloved sketch books, purse, pencils, spare biscuits, lipstick…..

spooky box coffin pin

I have no doubt that I will be a lifelong subscriber to Spooky box, and they have always been so very lovely when I have contacted them.
They have also been so courteous and kind, and everything they put into the boxes is made especially for Spooky Box Club so that only members of the club can own their lovely objects!
I highly recommend them to any other darklings or Goth enthusiasts. If you have a little spare money every month, please please subscribe to them, it all goes to a good cause- charity and your own delight!
They do sent things worldwide, but you may have to pay more for the postage- Upon receiving my box I would be happy to pay the extra for them, almost no matter the cost.

Do you already subscribe? Do let me know what you think of them!



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