Urban exploring- abandoned family home.

I usually find the places I explore on my way past them in the car, or have noticed at random while on my travels.
This house has since been bought and done up, restored to its former glory, but it stood desolate and empty for almost four decades.
The windows had been boarded up, and the house was shut up tightly but there was a hidden way in and I was careful how I went about things, so as not to disturb anything or anyone.
I clambered in and took a few photos before my camera died disturbingly early…

This is just a small post to show the things sadly left forgotten by the previous owners, who I am told by a neighbour, passed away suddenly of an illness that left them no time to write a will-  chaos ensued with the three children arguing over who would have the family home, and nothing was decided, leaving it rotting and falling apart while the feuding siblings lived within view of the once happy family home..

abandoned newbridge

The dusty dining room, along with a large collection of old records, from Abba to Johnny Cash, a broken grandfather clock, and a glass cabinet full of teacups and wine glasses and an old writing desk.


abandoned newbridge2

The broken clock stuck in eternal midnight, and the glass cabinet with cups that have long forgotten the taste of tea.


abandoned newbridge11

Records taken from the dining room to the left lay smashed about the hall floor, like tiles themselves…


abandoned newbridge8

The closed curtains of the Lounge- The ornaments have been piled up waiting to be packed away, but have been forgotten.


abandoned newbridge9

Perhaps the feuding children of this family spent their first days in this pram, before the layers of dust took their toll. All that lay in it when I found it was a pair of ragged dolls.


abandoned newbridge14

A door that led to a black room under the stairs…. It’s safe to say that I didn’t go down there. (I didn’t have a torch)


abandoned newbridge10

It was disheartening to see the once vibrant colours of this window above the front door, dulled with thick cobwebs and layers of grime.


abandoned newbridge5

The bedroom of a young girl- her uniform still hung on the door outside the door of her wardrobe.


abandoned newbridge4

Posters of the Bee Gees and other bands of the time still hang on the wall, and a stuffed Womble lies on the dresser, as though tired from the years sent waiting for his owner to return.


abandoned newbridge3

Two dolls on an old dresser- at least they had each other for company. Their eyes were milky and dead because of so much sun damage. The floor to their tomb was collapsing in on itself.


abandoned newbridge6

The bathroom had some stunning old furniture, a claw foot bath, an antique dresser full of underskirts and spare blankets and an old carved lamp.

It was a stunning place to wander around and had so much detail with thousands of things to look at, like stepping into someone else’s life, touching things that were once much loved. I think it was that, that made it quite so sad- The knowledge that these things were forgotten because of a sudden tragedy and had not felt the touch of a loving hand for almost forty years. I look around me now at the things that I own.. My great great grandmother’s cabinet, by beloved books, my tea sets, my paintings, the candelabra that my grandfather made, my crystal ball, my old cameras and pictures… What would happen to these things if anything happened to me? Would other people love them as much, or even be curious as to the origin of them? Would they be left to rot like the poor items in this house?
Food for thought!
I hope you like these photos- it was a privilege to step into the forgotten life of somebody else for a few hours.


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