B.P.R.D.- My weekends are numbered!

Me and my other half rarely get to spend much time with each other these days what with the onslaught of work and other arrangements.
He works nights too, the poor dear, so when we do come home from the madding crowd, we rarely have the energy for too much, and we retreat to the couch or the bedroom where we can read, draw, and be our own quiet selves.
This is something that although needed, can take its toll, and has pulled our chairs a little further apart at the dining table..

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ornamental gardens and armies of prams..


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Reflecting the sun with moon tans.

We’re always good at rectifying this however, and all it takes is a day out together so that we can talk, reconnect, admire and compliment each other (wink wink), and wander to our favourite haunts, I.E- Rosie’s riverside cafe, the comic book shop and Paperchase.
Uncharacteristically, I didn’t buy anything in Paperchase this time, instead opting for a dusky rose perfume from The Body Shop. A change in scent has been long overdue, and M&S don’t seem to be stocking my usual anymore..
I always feel like I’m forcing him into a cup of tea, bless him! He’s ”not a hot beverage” man, and is a bit more rugged than me. Rosie’s is wonderful for the fact that it caters to everyone, so beer was there to save the day!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The beer is his! ❤

After freezing under the shade of a sudden rain cloud, we decided to take shelter in the comic book shop.
My other half treated himself to a Star Wars comic book, but I had my sights set on something slightly darker..
On the bottom shelves, tucked away in a tiny isle was a shelf of ‘Dark Horse’ comic books- some Hellboy ones, but a small stack of B.P.R.D.
I was introduced to these whilst on holiday in Norway with my partner- we ransacked the comic book shop there too, and he came away with one for the long journey home. While he slept on the coach, he gave it to me to read, and it was wonderful!

My comic book buying logic works as such:
”If I buy the second volume first, it’ll encourage me to buy the first one, and then the rest!”
Doesn’t it just make absolutely no sense at all?! I’ve done it before, and years later still only have the second volume of Umbrella academy! This time it was going to be different, and I grabbed the first volume of the B.P.R.D. ”Hell on Earth” series- Then I remembered that it didn’t actually matter! These comics are a selection of short stories with few relations to each other!

I wandered to the till before I changed my mind.
I’ll be reading this in bed tonight, so I’ll let people know what I think.
Have you read them? Any favourites at all? Or do you prefer the Hellboy comics?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Off to bed!


2 thoughts on “B.P.R.D.- My weekends are numbered!

  1. Read the first run of Hellboy before it splits off into BPRD. Never got into BPRD but friends told me it’s really good. One day when I have some time again I’ll get my hands on BPRD so I can finish off Hellboy!

    • They’re actually really good comic books, and you don’t have to dedicate your life to collecting them because they’re in no particular order.
      What I’ve read of Hellboy was really good too, but my partner has them all in a locker somewhere, so I decided to start with BPRD.
      I’d really recommend it!

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