Budget Gothic clothing-Ebay and thrifting!

I’ve been holding this post back for days now, debating whether I really had the courage to show the things that I wear to people online. After deliberation and anxiety, I have decided to do so. I don’t mind people seeing me on the street and you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea there either.
The main reason I wanted to show this dress is not only its loveliness, but because of the place that I bought it from.

dress print screen

The little independent company on Ebay- the lady who owns it salvages gothic looking clothes from all sorts of sources.

Gothic_revival finds Gothic clothes from here, there and everywhere to sell to like-minded folks with a love of the morbid and darker sides of life.
I saw this dress, the words ‘Nightshade’, ‘Tea’ and lace, and I was already there! I had been looking around for dresses that were elegant but simple, and could be pulled on in a pinch, without it looking like I ‘d gotten up, grabbed the nearest thing and pulled it on (Usually a pair of pyjama bottoms or a ghostbusters T-shirt)!
This was my size, and really, not too expensive..

I’m a huge aficionado of thrifting and charity shopping, and have found some beauties therein, so whenever I see anything with a price tag above £10, I tend to scream internally, but with all of that money saved shouldn’t you be allowed to splash out on something a little more expensive? £24 doesn’t really break the bank!
It was posted fast, and fitted even better than I hoped! Some dresses are too loose at the top, and too tight at the bottom, and as a serial flasher of my stocking tops, I hate short skirts!
The pictures, as un-photogenic as they are are before a charity choir event with a dear friend.
People were lovely enough to compliment the dress choice, despite me feeling a tad overdressed compared to other people *cringe*.
I spent most of the evening hiding in a cardigan while a little girl in the row in front of me stared at me intently throughout the night.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

(I love the pattern on the sleeve!) underpinned hair, plain nails and lipstick!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Off out with my ‘Spooky Box’ bag, a classy accessory!

Sometimes there’s nothing nicer that dressing up to the nines and feeling like you’ve put the effort in, my nan was one for dressing nicely but also saving things for ”best”. If I did that, I’d end up never wearing any of my nice things! It’s good to know however, that when you do want to dress up, you don’t always have to sell an organ to do so, as can be typical with most Gothic brand clothing.
Do you have any finds that you’re particularly proud of? What’s your best one?
Are there any places that you go to, to get your darker clothes?
I can’t wait to hear from you!



2 thoughts on “Budget Gothic clothing-Ebay and thrifting!

    • Awh, bless you! Thank you so much- I love dressing up and thinking that I look presentable during the day-
      So many people think that you should save some clothes for best, but if I did that I’d never wear them!
      Where do you stand on it? : ) Do you have clothes for best? xxxx

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