Too fast, Gothic skeleton cardigan review!

Just a short post this time!
As a die hard thrift shopper, it is a very rare occasion that I treat myself to anything new, let alone anything new and expensive!
I’d been seeing a cardigan by ”Too fast”all over the internet- people I watch on Youtube, and whilst I was looking about to.. invest in something that I expected to wear a lot.
It was the dress version that I saw at first, but I love skeletons and it was just perfect… the price unfortunately wasn’t!

Being used to spending £4-£5 on a cardigan at most made this a hard stone to swallow, and it took a lot of deliberation to spend the £39.24 that I ended up spending on it. I cringe even now, thinking about all of that money! (In a twist of fate, it’s on offer on the Too Fast website!)

Despite spending a small fortune on one item of clothing, when it arrived it was so very worth it.
It was lovely to hold something so new, and perhaps that was part of the mystique, but I know from bitter experience that many Gothic brand clothes are made from the cheapest materials, not very well made and can even look nothing like the picture used to advertise the item.
Too fast are nothing like this- the cardigan was beautiful- soft and extremely fine knit- black on the outside and white on the inside, two layers of material making it extremely cosy and warm, but not heavy or overbearing- It’s not cotton admittedly, but I think that only serves to make it softer! It’s a blend of viscose and nylon so the beautiful skeletons don’t turn grey with time.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Comfy as hell! I’m secretly wearing pyjama bottoms too!

Since I bought this cardigan a month ago I’ve hardly taken it off- It’s extremely comfortable, stylish, well fitted, and matches just about every other item of clothing that I have! I’d like to thank the Too fast Brand, and next time I get paid, I’ll more than likely buy more from them!
There’s a dress I already have my eye on…

too fast moon dress



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