Ebay- Oh the things you’ll find!

Trawling the internet can show you some beautiful clothes- we all know the feeling of looking at a dress that takes our breath away. It has a high collar, lace, pumpkin shaped buttons… but then you see the price. Only £120!
Most of us don’t have that sort of pocket money! This is what I found when I saw the adorable Top Shop bat jumper, and Oh! I would have loved to own one! They’re notoriously hard to get hold of these days, and you’re lucky to find one for under $50.

bat sweater

This is just the cutest thing! But not for £50!! I prefer the one on the hanger- is it just me or does the one that’s being worn by Alexa Chung looking a little.. chunky.. not so fine knit?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m always happy to look for better things elsewhere- Sometimes it’s just not worth ”treating yourself”!
I scoured Ebay for a few hours typing in vague words with something to do with what I was looking for. After a vague search for gothic jumpers I found a little something-

bat jumper H&M

I started a tiny bidding war for it, but won it for under £3.00! I hadn’t read much of the description of what it was made of but when I popped the fuzzy delight from the bubble wrap envelope, it was like unwrapping a chinchilla!
It was the softest and loveliest sweater I’ve ever worn! It does shed a few hairs on other clothes, but it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make.
It’s like wearing a hug! (Stretch!) and so much prettier than the others!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I had my eye on a couple of other wonderful online knitted things, being a complete old woman. One of them was cancelled halfway through the bidding. It was lovely so I really can’t blame them, but again, I won the other for only a few pounds.
It’s taken a few washes, because the previous owners didn’t know that fabric softener existed, and it was like wearing itchy cardboard, but it’s so much better now.
It was completely worth the trawling of Ebay!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The green skulls match the book pretty well!

Last is a Jumper that to my delight, I’ve since seen my favourite blogger wearing (Only hers is in Black!) but one that we both agree to be a favourite.
The weather is beautiful at the moment, so I can’t wear it, much to my disappointment, but the country I live in now is known for its cod winters, so roll on October!
It’s one that I believe… Jessie J. wears something similar to, or that at least started a trend with. It’s not thank to her that I bought it, though I admit that it does look awesome.
It, like my ”Too Fast” cardigan, is knitted in two layers so it makes it extra cosy, and a bit more robust!
This wasn’t one that I managed to bid on, but one that was a ”Buy now” option. Still, you can’t say no to £8 of knitted goodness, can you?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I had some other little gems, but my friend said that the photos looked like ones that were neglected from Vogue. I laughed a lot, and contrived not to post them.

In my recent discussions with people, I’ve found that many people are too nervous to use pay pal, or even to scour the treasure troves of Ebay! Stop this! You don’t know what you’re missing!
It’s like the world’s biggest thrift shop, and all you have to do is wait for it to be posted to you. There are ways of protecting yourself, and Ebay are wonderful at sorting out any online issues that you have.
What are you waiting for?
Start Trawling!


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