Half the world away, almost. I moved to Norway

Much much much to say in this post- I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy, but all will be revealed!

I mentioned some time ago that I had been offered a job at a Tattoo shop in Norway?
On the 8th of this month I dragged a suitcase that weighed as much as me through the train station and airports of Manchester and Copenhagen to catch a connecting flight to Bergen.
I had a few days to settle in, and have so far had more beer here than I have in a lifetime. I’ve also gone out more in a week, than I have in months and months of being in my old town. It’s been rather hard to adjust to, as i was getting used to having much quiet time to myself to draw, craft and blog- so far I’ve neglected everything apart from drawing and being out and about-

The city has been very different to the green fields and sheep that I am so used to. I’m now surrounded by misty mountains, wooden buildings, cobbled streets, and record shops.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Side view of the front of my beloved Museum, a few streets away from me, but still closed after so many years…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Nights ahead where I can stare out over the Fjords!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

One of the many tiny cobbled streets, lined with bicycles, roses and aloof cats. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The oldest street in the city, full of wooden and so I’ve been told, highly flammable houses. They were extensively photographed for the making of the towns in the film ”The Golden Compass”. 

It’s hard to believe that I have been allowed to live in a city that is quite so beautiful, and being in a place that’s so full of people is a gargantuan change from the sheep and country towns folk I’ve been surrounded with for the past decade (And more!). Even here there are some cultural changes and mannerisms to get to grips with and maybe i’m a bit at odds, constantly apologising and trying not to get in the way!

I needed a work card to start my training at the shop, but decided that while I was sorting the paperwork out, I would start early and get some crucial learning and practice in before the intensity set in.
It has been a busy week, with so much to learn, and always feeling somewhat like i’m living in a life belonging to another, which i suppose can happen in a dream job. Everyone is so creative and always doing something. It’ll help that my hands are never idle either! I just ant to sit and draw and draw and draw and…..!
Despite how happy I am here, and the life I look forward to, It was a hard thing to leave my other half behind and I can sometimes feel it standing behind me like some dark earth-bound cloud. I miss my other half a lot but just have to wait for him to follow me over when we can both afford it. In the light of all this, it has been wonderful to finally occupy my mind with creative things, and be surrounded by the most lovely and inspiring people.
I can be anxious around strangers, so to be so welcome has been more helpful than I can say! Thank you all of you! You’re the sweetest! ❤

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Two sweeties I have the good fortune to work with.

Some of those I work with have had previous experience with tattoos and tattoo design, so It’s the tiniest bit terrifying in the face of all of that talent, and with me being so inexperienced! This past year I’ve worried about the lack of drawing I’ve been able to do- working in other jobs and other things, so I’ve been out of practice for a while. Lots more drawing is in order!
Shading, line work, layout, and position all have to be drilled in before I even touch a tattoo needle ( Thank god, because i want to be over prepared!).

To get back into the swing of drawing I decided to doodle something for my other half- a pair of tattoos that he’d mentioned wanting, and something I’d be all too happy to draw. We’re both huge fans of these films, after all.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I had white streaks in my hair for a long time, so my other half sometimes jokes that i’m his ”bride”. I told him that he reminds me of Herman Munster/ Frankenstein in his creepers and with his slicked back hair.

I have a long way tot go before I reach the expertise of the people I work with, but I have my work card now, and I start properly tomorrow morning. The first step in my new life!
Wish me luck!



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