Strew over her roses, roses.!

Strew on her roses, roses,
And never a spray of yew.
In quiet she reposes:
Ah! would that I did too.

This week marks the end of my sixth week at the tattoo shop- It has been one of great learning. I’ve listened so hard my ears ached, and watched so intensely that my eyes watered! So much goes into a job that people see as going hand in hand with rock and roll, and just… drawing.
It’s not.
There is so much more than that behind the scenes- knowledge of the arts- both traditional and classical, anatomy, colour science, psychology, time management, efficiency, hygiene… The list is endless, and with so much to learn in such a short space of time, exhausting.

Despite all of this I am enjoying myself immensely. I often restrained myself from speaking too much about my old job in care on here because my heartache at being there so often shone through, no matter my noble or good intentions, but this is a place in which I feel as though I can be truly happy and have a fulfilling career with wonderful people as colleagues. Huzzah and Hoorah!

What I have also learned is that ROSES are a necessity.
Classical, realistic, big, small, frilly, spiky.. we need them all-
They embody love, hate, death, life, mother, father, faith, hope and everything in between! Who’d know that something so simple could be so hard to draw? Me and my fellow trainee soon found as much and since before this I had never really drawn roses (being much more preoccupied with eyes and faces) it has been quite the floral challenge! Since knowing that I needed to draw them I have probably drawn hundreds!
We need to be able to draw them so well that we can doodle one without even thinking, usually in under a minute to better fill out or demonstrate an idea, and then later in more definite detail to complete a tattoo design, so what is needed is a deep understanding of the way they are built and put together.
Petals everywhere! They’re such a compact collection of shapes and frills!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is the first rose I ever drew! Oddly, it was immediately adopted by a regular client, who wants it as a shoulder tattoo. I’ve never gone so red in all my life, but gave it to her anyway!

I can’t say that my attempts are perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, and there’s a long road to walk, but it’s good to have goals to focus on, and I’ve become much better with how the petals are placed and built. Onward and upwards!
Drawing these roses, especially the ones I drew with no reference have greatly increased my faith in my skill with a pencil, and has reunited me with my old true love- drawing. It’s so good to be near to him again.. ❤

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The importance of lines has also been a valued lesson, where to put the thicker ones to enhance and bring out a design.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be drawing a billion of these over the course of my career, and I’ll slowly slowly get better at them. It’s early days and I need to learn to learn to accept that I can’t do everything or learn everything at once! It has also been a vice of mine, always rush, rush, rush!
One step at a time! xx

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A rose of ”No Man’s Land”.

Swallows, Clocks and knives next!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Viva hate, but love to you all!



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