An angel in our midst.

Inspiration can be the hardest thing to come across, and dry spells can last for months! While I worked in care I drew very little, almost never, and it depressed me to be so far from an activity that my existence used to revolve around.
The sheer amount of doodles that I had confiscated in school could fill a small library, and I have countless treasured sketchbooks at home, full to the brim from the very start of my love affair with the pencil.
Every time I sat down to draw nothing would come, it was like the very ink in my soul was dry, excusing the artistic expression!
If there’s one thing that can always heal you, It is inspiring people and being surrounded by art. I look forward to becoming as talented as them and improving every single day.
This is just a small post to let you know that I’m still alive, and drawing as much as I can!
I adore the morbid and classical things in life, and somehow came across this angel who guards the graves of a family in Spain (I believe).
It was the piercing eyes that stole my heart, the graceful hands and sense of timelessness.

life photo5

Who couldn’t love that face? I heard that women in the Victorian era used to pay a high sum to be immortalised as an angel, but you’d think that this lady was paid just to pose, wouldn’t you?

life photo13

It was in this drawing that I learned a good amount about the importance of shading and the difference between light and dark areas- it took multiple attempts, and patience, and even now I look at it and think that it needs to be darker- there should be MORE shading, but this will do. There’s so much more to draw… I hope you like her.
I’m still alive, very busy, and working as hard as I can..
My best wishes and love to you all!!

life photo15 angel


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