Should you talk to Strangers?

My mother always reminds me that I was a strange child. I’d wander off with anybody and speak to anyone, disappear in the shopping centre and be found talking to some poor random shopper- a trait that I’ve kept with me in life. People make up the beautiful quilt of the world, without trying to sound too sentimental!
People have wonderful lives and wonderful stories, and can teach you with their experience. I LOVE stories, and will always stop to listen- so it was when i heard a guy idly playing slide guitar outside a cafe near where I work.I was on the way home from work on a Friday afternoon, and having time I stood to listen, admiring the raw sound and talent he had (He was bloody amazing!).
There was another man listening, and we exchanged impressed smiles and introduced ourselves, the evening evolving into friendly chatter and dinner.
Jay was a lovely person, from South Africa- an engineer, pilot and kayaking enthusiast with many stories to tell. He asked if I was free to show him around the city the next day.
Most people, wary of those that they don’t really know, would have said no. Upon telling the story to others after all of this happened I was told the same thing, and reminded that the world can be a deceptive place! As a young girl, i DO have to be careful, but you can be too careful, can’t you?

I asked Jay if he had decided where he wanted to go when we met up the next day, and he said that I had mentioned that I had not seen the outside of Bergen too much. He offered me the chance to see some of the towns outside the city, so we hopped in the car and off we went.


I have NO idea exactly where we went.. this map is marked with arrows based on SOME of the signs I managed to see while we were away- It was magical!
We saw waterfalls, glaciers, mountains in the mist, Fjords, ponies, deer, owls.. We got lost and had to ask for directions from suspicious looking strangers, and had a picnic at midnight with tea from a camping stove while we waited for the ferry. We wandered the souvenir shops, and while lost somehow ended up in a pub with live music for Irish coffee.
We saw the engine rooms of the last ferry, and ended the evening after arriving back in the city at half past two in the morning.

It’s true- perhaps i should be more suspicious, but I made a good friend that weekend and may one day visit south Africa where we can spend another weekend exploring. What would I have done this weekend if i had been a cautious person? I was planning on spending it alone with my sketch book, and seeing few things or people.
What would you have done? I’d love to know!










I enjoyed our time, Jay!


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