me and graves framed

”I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” W. B. Yeats

Hello there fellow Blog enthusiasts,
I’m Kitty (It’s not short for anything!) and I’m here to dip my toe!

The arms of those like minded people can be slippy, can’t they? Hard to find, let alone grab hold of!
I come from a small town in England where I am one in a group of perhaps 10 other ”subculturals”…. None of whom I know personally! –And so, I reach out to you, and all of those of you who also love tea, cats, graveyards, decay, tombstones, horror films, rainy days, fifty (or all) shades of black (tee-hee!), witches, alternative films, comic books, literature, quiet afternoons spent reading, urban exploration, antiques, dark clothes and fashion, crystals, witchery,  bats, ghosts and the promise of conversation.
I hope there’s much we can talk about!


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